While I search for answers on what it means to be HUMAN, I find questions. My work is a meditation upon these questions.

I make found object constructions that are altar like. They are arrangements of ancient fragments that speak to me of wholeness as I redefine them in the present.

I work predominantly in wood, copper and plaster. As wood is a metaphor for flesh, the altar like piece becomes figurative by simple enclosure. The geometric shape symbolizes the "PHYSICAL BODY" in which something "NON PHYSICAL" is enclosed centrally, floating and gestating.

My work is strongly influenced by a childhood in the Islamic world of Libya, where I learned to read and write the language. Arabic is hauntingly similar to the EKG, electrical writing of the heart. The culture not only influenced my materials but also instilled in me a strong sense of RHYTHM, creating FLUX, setting in motion all metaphors for life.

Ringling College of Art and Design Exhibition
December 2007


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